Kelowna Home Painting

Your residence represents your most valuable asset. For most, it is their largest investment. You need to preserve it and given the chance, increase its market value. Couple that with the surroundings presented by Kelowna, make the exterior a tribute to this special place while colouring the interior to make your house a home.

For the exterior, consider your neighborhood, proximity to Okanagan Lake and the size of the house and property. For the interior, is there a master bedroom suite, nursery, kid’s room, den and formal living room? The use of colours will distinguish each room as unique, evoke different moods and create spaces that you will call your own. Do you like bold and vibrant or peaceful and serene. For your personal space there is no right or wrong answer for the beauty of your space is in your eyes to behold.

Living Room Painted

As with all painting projects, proper surface preparation is key to an enduring exterior finish and for interior colours you can take pride in.

You will receive a time and material proposal. Please take the time to review and question. The clearer and more finite the scope of our work, makes sure both parties have a reasonable expectation of the result. This is your house and home, and you expect us to treat it as if it were ours. You become a member of our team in addition to being the boss for the life of the project. Be open and specific about what you’re thinking while we do the work. The goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.

For your budget and convenience we can simultaneously work the interior and exterior, provide efficiencies for multi-room interior projects or space them out over time to accommodate your specific living conditions. After all, you can’t do without a bathroom for long!

Protect and preserve your investment. Enhance its value. Honor Kelowna. Make your residence a welcoming place for family and friends reflective of the real you.

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