Best Kelowna Painting Services

Family Picking Paint ColoursThe mission is to preserve and enhance the beauty that is Kelowna.

The summer’s lush greens and the winter’s whites provide a perfect background to expertly blend colours for your residential or commercial property. Imagine a downtown store front in beige hues complimented by the winter’s trees in the background and contrasted by those same trees in summer. Imagine a house with its exterior a pastel blue reflected on Okanagan Lake, further enhanced by bold interior colours. Finally imagine a Bed and Breakfast with each room capturing the colours of Kelowna; beach blends, hiking hues, skiing shades all to make a tourist’s stay more memorable.

The business is colours. We paint. The creation of colours to enhance the aesthetic and tangible value of your property is what you want. Whether your needs are commercial, residential, interiors and/or exteriors; it is done with Kelowna’s charm in mind, but also its environment. Only sustainable materials are used, free of toxins. The paints are formulated to be environmentally friendly without sacrifice to durability.

Explain your project and you will receive a professional proposal. Starting with surface preparation and ending when the “Wet Paint” signs are taken down, the goal is to exceed your expectations. The proposal provides detailed pricing and a time line so you will know where your project is every step of the way. If, on that rare occasion, something changes along the way, you will be notified. More importantly if you should like something changed, let us know and everything will be done to accommodate your request. Finally, if any changes affect the quoted price, the project will not proceed without your written authorization.

Your project is unlike any other and you will receive customized services. For example, your exterior and interior industrial property is all about durability and cleaning. For your office complex, more emphasis will be placed on the aesthetics, keeping durability in mind. Of course, personal tastes govern almost every residential project. Let’s face it, you live there so it has to be exactly what you want.

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