Kelowna Exterior Painting

Exterior-Painting webBe it your home or business, the exterior makes a statement about what you do, who you are and what it means to live and work in Kelowna.

Colours make that happen. Choosing the right combination for surfaces and trim enhances your commercial presence or simply says, “I care about my home.” For retail properties an exterior needs to entice customers to walk in the front door, for an industrial property the exterior needs to convey a sense of professional efficiency and for your home, a warm and inviting exterior that simultaneously increases its market value.

Choosing colours, while critical is not the only important choice. Most can mix colours; but isn’t your property worth more than a coat of paint? Professional surface repair and preparation is equally as important and, depending on the exterior surface material, the type of paint chosen is also critical. Combining expert preparation and the proper paint guarantees an enriched and durable finish to your property.

You require work to your specifications and that will last for years.

PainterTo that end, the proposal you will receive documents the stages of the work, the materials involved and the time it will take. Surface preparation, primer and paint(s) will be supplied by our staff mindful of your convenience. All the while, you are encouraged to assess the work and tell us what you think, as we mutually collaborate while bringing your exterior to life.

The good news is that colours are your choice and the rest is worry free. The proposal details the rest so you can compare others’ quotes. Our workers are fully insured and the goal is to satisfy you – the customer.

Kelowna is a special place and your property will reflect what it means to live and work here.

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