Kelowna Interior Painting

Interior-PaintingColours evoke moods. The proper colours can conjure desired moods. Is there a room in your house where you escape the day’s stress? Do you want a child’s room to be a happy place? Do you want your customers to comfortably linger or would you prefer they buy and leave? What is the mood you prefer for your employees? Colours play a big part in evoking moods from serenity, to responsibility, to authority, to passion, to happiness. What do you want your colours to say?

Some suggestions; black is formal sometimes sad when equated to the dear departed and not a good idea for any interior surface. Green is friendly and conveys health and good luck. Yellow conveys youth and playfulness while shades of gray convey professionalism, responsibility and authority and red is passionate.

For your home or business the choices are many and the appropriate choice will induce the desired result.

As with all painting projects, proper surface preparation is key to an enduring finish.

Painting a RoomTo that end, you will receive a project proposal that details surface repair (if necessary) and preparation. The materials required in the appropriate quantities are typically, but not limited to, cleansing solution(s), wire brushes, scrapers, caulk and other sealants and spackling compounds. Once all surfaces are properly prepared, the number of hours to complete the job are detailed as are the colours, type and gallons of paint and primer necessary to transform your interior space.

The good news is that colours are your choice and the rest is worry free. The proposal details the rest so you can compare others’ quotes. Our workers are fully insured and the goal is to satisfy you – the customer.

Colours make you feel. Our Kelowna interior painting service will elicit happiness and a desire to show off your newly painted space.

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